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Allegro Rainbow's Piano Wizard is the music learning video game that painlessly teaches anyone to play the piano. It gives every player instant success and joy, because they will immediately be able to play their favorite songs!

Click now to play the game!The game's patented sound and color learning cues transform tedious and repetitive practice sessions into an exciting and rewarding video game experience for people of all ages and musical abilities.

Piano Wizard is a lifetime learning tool and family entertainment center. The game never wears out and never gets boring because you control the musical content. It uses thousands of MIDI song files available in music stores and on the internet as the basis of each musical game experience.

Players, parents, and music teachers can up-load any song into the game, instantly creating a new video game experience or music lesson every time. Thousands of songs are available from Bach to the Beatles, including religious hymns and children's favorites.

The game teaches children as young as 3 to play the piano.

Piano Wizard's secret agenda is to teach everyone to read music and play the piano just by having fun - playing a non-violent video game.

Because Piano Wizard only uses POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT it's specifically designed to quickly build a player's confidence and self-esteem. The game automatically rewards players for touching the right note and ignores mistakes, encouraging and conditioning players with fun and entertainment, to keep them practicing and playing while they learn practical music and piano skills. (Suitable for ages 3+)

Click for Piano Wizard Progressive Teaching Style Demo

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